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Tuesday, July 5, 2016


How to Release a Jammed Manual Gun

If you are like many sealant and adhesive users, you have probably pulled hard on the trigger of a manual gun in order to dispense the last drop from a tube.  If there was a cured plug in the cartridge or nozzle you probably locked up or jammed the gun in your quest for economy.

B12 Release
By "jammed" we mean that the recoil (AKA Thumb Release) is so overloaded that normal pressure will not unhang it from its usual function of keeping the rod from moving backwards after it is advanced by the gripping plates.  You could hit it with a hammer or bang it against a table but DON'T!  You risk bending or breaking the recoil and scoring the rod in the process.

Instead, use the trigger to take just enough of the pressure off the recoil that is can be activated by your thumb.

Following the sequence in the illustration to the left:
(1) Pull the trigger firmly.  This will advance or unload the rod slightly.
(2) While maintaining the pressure on the trigger, depress the recoil.
Voila!  The rod is free and you can now remove the spent tube and get back to your project with a gun that is undamaged.

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