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Tuesday, August 2, 2016


The Best Just Keeps Gettin' Better!™

The Best Just Keeps Gettin' Better!™  

B12S20 Sausage Gun
More than just a catch phrase, The Best Just Keeps Gettin' Better!™  is an attitude at Albion.  It reflects our constant attention to the performance and design of our tools and accessories to maximize efficiency and minimize the hassles of installing sealants and adhesives.  As an example, here is a summary of the latest improvements to our B-Line of guns:

For many years, the industry standard for this class of gun was to connect the back cap to the handle with a plastic threaded barrel screw.  But problems with the screw coming loose were common as users rotated the barrel during normal use and a special spanner wrench was the only way to tighten it.  And the screw also had a bad habit of stripping out under heavy pumping, leaving the tool unusable.

Our engineers thought outside the box on this one, designing a rigid plate and 3-screw attachment resulting in a much stronger connection and a smoother swiveling action.

While working on the inner guts of the B12S20, the Albion engineers extended the rod support area.  The benefit is that the gun action is now smoother and stiffer.  There is less rocking or flexing in the tool, resulting in greater efficiency.  Less effort is wasted in unproductive flexing in the guns so that virtually all of the user's effort goes towards dispensing the material at hand.  An additional benefit of the modification of the rod guide area is less wear.

Albion B-Line tools are built to last a long time.  As the double gripping plates reliably advance the rod thousands of times, dispensing many gallons of sealant, the rod naturally wears.  We listened to users who told us that the recoil (thumb pressure release tab) could get hung up on these wear marks and not hold the rod from backsliding.

Our engineers solved the issue by adding a tiny nub to the handle casting to change the way the recoil moves during the dispensing cycle.  Instead of traveling along with the rod and snapping back as it reaches its limit, it now behaves more like a hinge to regulate the rod reverse.  The result is that the recoil is less sensitive to wear in the rod and functions the same regardless of the age of the tool.

If you protect your tools from the accumulation of dried caulk and abuse on the job site, they will eventually experience some looseness or "slop" in the trigger action.  But you can quickly tune out this wasted motion with the wear adjustment screw. Located under a protective black plastic cover just above where the rod goes through the recoil, this spring loaded screw controls the rest position of the gripping plates through the floating pin.  A 1/4-turn is usually sufficient to bring a well-used tool back to like-new performance.

310-3 Steel Ladder Hook Pull

We recently fine tuned the handle casting to better support this pin as it controls the critical attitude of the gripping plates. But...  The improvement that excites us most at Albion is the addition of a durable steel hook pull to the B12S20, and B26S20 (High-Thrust) 20oz sausage guns - and at no extra charge!  When you hang your gun on a ladder or high reach or swing stage you need to be confident that it is going to stay exactly where you place it.  For some time now the threaded rod on the B-Line sausage guns has accepted our full sized 310-1 or compact 310-3 hook pulls.  Now you don't need to purchase it separately. Representing another improvement over the industry standard (in this case plastic hooks) the Albion steel hook is larger and significantly more durable.

With these recent improvements coming on top of previously announced strengthened caps, thicker nozzles, stronger thread rings, and no extra charge bulk piston, we proudly say that The Best Just Keeps Gettin' Better!™

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