Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sausage Package For Dispensing Sealants

A Sausage (also known as a Chub or Sachet) is sealant or adhesive packaged in a Mylar bag. They are dispensed with full barrel tools. The sausage has its benefits and drawbacks. In this section I am listing some of both...

Benefits over a standard cartridge:
More cost effective

Shelf life is typically longer

Fewer changeovers – Sausages typically hold twice as much material

Reduction in waste, when totally dispensed they are just ½” tall

With sausage guns you get access to a wider variety of nozzles (longer, wider, narrow slots, bendable, multiple beads, etc.)

Potential Drawbacks:
Requires a different gun

Tends to be messier for the end of the sausage is open at the nozzle end (meaning you must be more careful in loading and unloading sausages from the tool.)

Benefits over Bulk, Material packaged in pails:
Cleaner and easier to load

More portable if the application is in a difficult location. You can simply take a couple sausages and the gun to the location.

When tooling the joint, you must discard the excess material verses putting it back into the pail and reusing the material.

For the next few segments we will be talking more about unique things related to the sausage.


  1. One other benefit to sausages Mark, they are significantly "greener" in terms of packaging. John Stubblefield/Pecora Corp

  2. Sausages are "Greener" that cartridges, but it is difficult to say that they are "Greener" than bulk packaging.