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Friday, January 29, 2010


Loading a Sausage Gun with an oversize sausage pack

Production is never perfect. Periodically there is a malfunction within the process and the sausage is oversize. Generally speaking the manufacturer does his best to catch this, but some do get to the end user.

An oversize sausage is nearly impossible to load into the tool the normal way, simply dropping it into the barrel. What you need to do is draw the sausage into the tool. Albion's DL-45-T14, DL-45-T15, DL-45-T24, and DL-45-T25 all have the ability to pull the sausage into the tool. These are the professional tools.

The Aluminum Barrel, low cost tools.... which includes Albion's B12S20... are not built with that feature. With these tools all you can do is set return the sausage. (If anyone does have a way to load an oversize sausage in a tool like this, please share.)

Watch the Video now it will show you how to draw an oversize sausage into a dispensing tool.

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